Understand people (a lot) better

Learn how to "read" people, decipher the hidden information?

See behind the facades, recognize "lies" or secret knowledge?

Understand the background of undisclosed behaviours?

Recognize micro expressions, the barely visible sign of a hidden feeling, and assign them to the appropriate feelings they portray?

Analyse connections of human behaviour and learn to use the tricks and skills a "mentalist" uses?

The Trainings

Who is the training for?


Trainings für Eltern
Christine Tobler
Head of Kant. Krisenorganisation BS

An instructive day with eye-openers and aha experiences! Magdalena Bischof is a very competent trainer and leads masterfully through the day. After this workshop one goes through the world with different eyes. The many examples as well as the well-chosen film excerpts show how often for various reasons not all the truth is said or even lied - and that one can certainly notice this, not only on a logical-analytical level, but also on the basis of behavior and body reactions.

Trainings für Eltern
Product Manager, Basel

Very well structured workshop with good visualization which helps to learn a new concept (of “reading” people)

Trainings für Eltern
Margarethe Denk
Head coach of a swimming school